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David Engler

Ct. Licensed Massage Therapist



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David's Massage


Special Event Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Oncology Massage

Senior/ElderCare Massage

Results oriented massage for       deep relaxation, pain reiief, improved flexibility, injuries and more...                                     

In home, gentle massage, specifically geared for seniors dealing with their unique health and aging issues.  


Improving Quality of Life

Your comfort and positive outcomes are my top priorities!

With over thirty four years of massage experience, I understand that no two bodies are the same and each client has their own unique goals. Every session is customized to meet your specific needs and begins with a conversation to understand your goals for the massage.

Massages are provided in a quiet, peaceful, massage studio located in a small office building off Route One in Branford.

All clients are draped for modesty and warmth.  You will not be rushed on or off the table allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your massage. I offer a variety of massage lengths from 20 to 90 minute sessions, hands on time.

No contracts, No memberships,

No gimmicks, No up-selling.

Skilled Massage with Heart



Bring massage to your next celebration, special event, or trade show.

Session Prices

New Client & Senior Discount

Customized bodywork performed with specific modifications to position, timing, and technique that make it safe, effective, and  enjoyable for people with active cancer and/or cancer history.

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New Client & Senior discount.

$65.00/hr session