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Branford Massage Therapy

David Engler

250 West Main St, Branford, Ct. 06405

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Benefits of Massage

In my experience many people suffer from high levels of stress which can lead to health problems and discomfort. Many health experts believe that stress is a significant contributor to disease. Skilled massage is a very effective tool to manage this stress,which translates to a better quality of life for you.


Reduced aches and pains

Better range of motion

Decreased anxiety

Better sleep

Improved concentration

Greater energy

Wonderful break from life's stresses

Skillled Massage can also help address a number of specific health issues.

Help alleviate low-back and neck pain and improve range of motion.

Help speed recover from injuries.

Ease medication dependence.

May enhance immunity by relieving stress.

Relax and improve tight muscles.

Help athletes at any level prepare for and recover from strenuous workouts.

Helpful after surgery.

Reduce muscle spasming     and cramping.

Can be helpful for people dealing with migraines.

Help to lower your stress level.

Massage by Appointment

Monday - Saturday

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